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Green Guerrillas


A business. A movement. A revolution.

The Green Guerrillas do not fall into any category other than a revolutionary progressive movement. Using waste for energy, the mechanics of tourism for momentum and the ethos of sustainability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment The Green Guerrillas don’t play by the rules. We are guided by nature and believe in a collective approach to sustainability. We are not political, religious or racially motivated. Our revolution is one against complacency. Our goal is to change the world by taking the lead and putting sustainable urban agriculture into action.

The Green Guerrillas Group is also a fully operational company – we are not in the business of being a charity and understand that to survive and grow a business has to turn a profit. However the drive to make money will never eclipse the end goal of fostering a revolution based around sustainable urban agriculture techniques and projects. With this in mind we describe our approach to business as capitalism with a Karl Marx blind spot

The key principals that the Green Guerrillas live and operate by are openness, transparency and the sharing of knowledge.

Support the revolution by visiting our shop where you can purchase anything from urban agriculture starter kits to composting courses. Get involved by by joining our community and downloading some of the free resources and knowledge we have collected for you.

Join the revolution and grow your own food! 

Browse our community initiatives or find us on Facebook.